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Was listening to someone talk and suddenly realized I did not hear part or all of what was said.

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Had the experience of being accused of lying when I did not think I had lied.

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Had the experience of being in a familiar place but finding it strange and unfamiliar.

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Found writings, drawings, or notes among my belongings that I must have done but cannot remember doing.

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Had the experience of feeling that my body did not belong to me.

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Had the experience of feeling that other people, objects, and the world around me were not real.

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Found that I could not remember whether I had done something or had just thought about doing that thing.

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Felt like I was dreaming when I was awake.

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Felt as though I was looking at the world through a fog so that people and objects appeared far away or unclear.

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Found evidence that I had done things that I did not remember doing.

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Found that I became so involved in a fantasy or daydream that it felt like it was really happening to me.

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Find that I sometimes sit staring off into space, thinking of nothing, and am not aware of the passage of time.

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Found that I had no memory for some important event in my life (for example, a wedding or graduation).

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Found new things among my belongings that I didn't remember buying.

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Find that in one situation I act so differently from when I'm in another situation that I feel almost as if I were two different people.

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Had the experience of not being sure whether things I remember happening really did happen, or whether I just dreamed them.

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Found myself dressed in clothes I didn't remember putting on.

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Found that when I was watching television or a movie I became so absorbed in the story that I was unaware of other events happening around me.

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Had the experience of remembering a past event so vividly that it felt like I was reliving that event.

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Felt that I could not move my hands or feet.

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Talked out loud to myself.

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Was told that I sometimes do not recognize a friend or family member.

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Drove or rode somewhere without remembering later what happened during all or part of the trip.

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Found myself in a place and had no idea how I had gotten there.

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Find that in certain situations I am able to do things with amazing ease and spontaneity that would usually be difficult for me.

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Had the experience of looking in a mirror and not recognizing myself.

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Felt like I was disconnected from my body.

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Had the experience of feeling as though I was standing next to myself, or watching myself as if I was looking at a different person.

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Found that I was able to ignore pain.

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Was approached by someone I didn't know who called me by another name or who insisted that he or she had met me before.

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Found that I heard voices inside my head that told me to do things or commented on things that I was doing.

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